Do you like to sing? Have you thought about joining a chorus but are too busy to do it on a regular basis? Do you sing in the shower, sing in your car or sing along to the radio?  If the answer is yes, then you belong in PopUp Chorus!

At each of our monthly events, we sing iconic pop songs chosen by our singers either via the Suggest-A-Song feature on this website, or by nominating and voting for a song when we run a People’s Choice event. Come sing songs that you love in a setting where everybody is welcome, regardless of ability.

PopUp Chorus is the only chorus where you can show up when you want and skip it when you’re too busy. No audition, no weekly commitment, just show up and sing.

At each event, singers arrive and learn two songs, which they perform, record and film on the same night, guided by guest conductors. PopUp Chorus is never the same group twice.  We embrace imperfection and seek to create multi-generational events – our singers range in age from 5-75!

PopUp Chorus has gathered attention from the media, as well as accolades from musicians liking the PopUp Chorus versions of their songs, including David Bowie, Zooey Deschanel, Duran Duran, They Might Be Giants, Sufjan Stevens and many more. “All hail the PopUp Chorus in Durham, NC. This defines joy”. They Might Be Giants tweeted in August 2015.

Our musical festivities are led each month by talented, fun and welcoming conductors, Amelia Shull and Collier Reeves, with teacher, arranger and Musical Director for PopUp Chorus Jonathan Henderson, who creates a band for each event. Mark your diaries for the Fall 2015 season: Friday September 11, Wednesday October 14, Thursday November 19, and Thursday December 17 (a People’s Choice event!).

Founded by arts entrepreneur Lauren Bromley Hodge, as a program of Community Chorus Project, PopUp Chorus launched at Motorco in Durham, NC in January 2014 and is a great way to blow off steam, have fun and create music and community. Find out about our next event by following us on Twitter, joining our mailing list, or joining our Facebook group.

Check out our YouTube channel and come out and sing!

What does PopUp Chorus feel like? “We sang… When it was done, I was elated, definitely glowing. Maybe for the first time in my life, I felt like a singer”. David Klein INDY Week

  1. Paige Totaro

    Hi there – I’m a friend of Nina Chieffo’s and I mentioned to her that I would love to have version of this in DC. I just love the energy of it! And i miss singing in a chorus. I’ve been involved in the arts in DC for many years and I would love to make it happen here!

  2. Kay Pommerening

    What a great idea! I love to sing and wish we had this in my town.
    I just watched “How can you really” and loved it. My nephew is part of Foxygen, so I applaud your original and creative song choice.

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