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A skeptical “secret singer” attends PopUp Chorus, the local vocal sensation
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But for many attendees, PopUp Chorus does supply something more profound. A young married couple regularly makes an hour’s journey from Henderson because they love to sing; at home, however, the only option is a church choir. Melvin Peña, a smiling regular who can be seen enjoying himself in most of the organization’s videos, once faced a conundrum when PopUp Chorus conflicted with a Moral Mondays protest. He concluded they were roughly the same thing, so he headed to Durham to sing.

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PopUp Chorus: Just Pop Up and Sing
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The point is to experience singing together in a room — and often getting over some anxiety about singing — or to come back to singing after years away. We see a lot of people reuniting with their love of singing, and all DIGGING the experience of singing together. The chorus received rave reviews from artists like David Bowie, Zooey Deschanel and others for the versions of their songs we performed. What a crazy thrill for Durham-based singers!

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So stop just singing in the shower or car and join a group of folks who love to do the same – and give yourself a reason to look forward to Mondays!

Pop-Up Chorus Pops Up Sylvan Esso’s “Coffee”

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They take a more warm and relaxed approach to the slick, cool electronic track. The tune blooms from Sylvan Esso’s close intimacy to a grand, joyful rendition.

Moral Mondays, Paper Planes, and the Pursuit of Happiness


I found myself, along with a bleacher full of people in a bar, most of whom I’d never met, turning Vampire Weekend’s “Ya Hey” into what comes across as a hymn of thanksgiving. Once again, I found myself almost physically cradled by a community of voices in unison. When the song ended, I erupted into laughter. I laughed instinctively, having no other way to express the unabashed joy coursing through me. I laughed because a group of friends, not-yet-friends, and complete strangers created something beautiful.

This cool community chorus will make your day.

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The results are certain to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Ever since I started going to PopUp Chorus…

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Ever since I started going to PopUp Chorus on Mondays at Motorco in Durham, NC, I’ve been suffused with almost-overwhelming feelings of joy and community. “A sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused,” as Wordsworth might have it.

PopUp Chorus Launches at Motorco tonight
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Community Chorus Project’s new Pop Up Chorus is a chance for adults whose busy lives don’t allow for rigorous rehearsal rehearsal schedules to test out their pipes, in a motley group setting, on songs drawn from indie rock as well as contemporary and classic pop.

PopUp Chorus: Best Damn Thing to Do on a Monday Night

The “PopUp Chorus” is a chance for anyone to be a part of a musical chorus, with no commitment and no auditions.